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We're all on paths, going somewhere. Whether it's our livelihoods, relationships, health, money matters, spirituality, or recreational pursuits, there is something about each situation that asks us to transform, to adapt, to grow, or to learn. In the midst of these demands for change, it's all too easy to stay chronically serious and to try to handle it all by ourselves. There are better ways. Transformology is about helping organizations and people change their world, with a sense of humor.

The Mann Story

So who is this guy? And what's he all about anyway? Find the answers to these questions and more with one simple click - okay and some reading too.

Works with Humor

Dr. Mann can help you and your business make serious transform-
ations and laugh in the process. Ken brings a unique lighthearted style to coaching, organizational change management, and keynote speaking.

Pen Mann Ship

Here you’ll find a growing selection of Ken’s original articles, short stories, poetry, quotes, and blog posts. All will make you think. Most will help you lighten up.

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Meet Ken Mann

According to the Waugh Street Journal, Dr. Ken Mann is number 47 in the whirled coach rankings, having climbed into the top 50 overnight after a mere 25 years. He is also considered to be the top speaker on his street, according to one source (his wife). In exchange for this reference, she only asks that he try to listen more and speak less.

While he can legally display a lot of letters with his name, like PhD, MBA, GPHR, BS, ICF, and NSA, he prefers to have you know that while coaching and speaking, he has helped leaders and teams laugh and learn in many environments. Lord knows, making engineers and accountants laugh is not easy.

To say that The Mann is creative is like saying water is wet, as in "Ken is all wet." Doctor Mann uses his prolific powers of generating ideas to help many domestic and international clients see possibilities. Mirrors are involved but not smoke. In fact, transformation would be his middle name if he would spring for the court costs.

Ken Mann has developed and integrated a unique sense of humor that his clients value as much as his advice and counsel. He brings his considerable skills, knowledge, and wit together in Transformology, with lighthearted coaching and speaking about serious matters. Read Ken's legit bio.

A Few Kind Words

"Doctor Mann helped me find my buttons, and when I returned them to my mother to fix my shirts, her response reminded me why I went for coaching in the first place." - Brice Spittel

"As a leader in the field, I often get bogged down in the weeds. Ken helped me find my way back to the office." - Ben Rosthchild, Esq

"After hearing Mr. Mann speak at the hugely popular Profits Over People (POP) convention, I was so inspired by the way he composed himself as they were escorting him out of the ballroom half way through his speech. I totally agree that even though POP is the most popular form of business, having a blatant convention for like minds to meet is dangerous." - Mandy Maddenholler

Works With Humor

The Transformology Experience


Whether you're looking to accelerate your personal or professional journey toward a goal, or help a team develop and get better results, Transformology coaching can help you tackle these challenges and have a few laughs along the way. Dr. Mann's coaching will enable you and your team to quickly see and move on a unique solution path marked with laughter and revelations.

Change MGMT

The people impacts of constant organizational change is one of the most common challenges facing business. Ken has extensive experience in change management, including the design, facilitation, and implementation of enterprise-wide business transformation strategies for a wide variety of clients. He has expertise in executive alignment, change readiness assessment, stakeholder communications, education and training, organizational design, and performance rewards and recognition.

Speaking Events

Ken Mann brings 30 years of international corporate and consulting experience to his keynote speaking.

His depth as a coach, seminar leader, motivator, marketer, project manager, change leader, and organizational developer are all flavored by his original, topical, dynamic sense of humor.

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